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H. Hargrove Christmas 2020 - Peace and Joy for All!

A Christmas of Peace and Joy

It's Christmastime. The piney scent of fir competes with the aroma of lamb stew and homey yeast bread. Scores of candles diffused the room with golden halos.

Christmas forces us to slow down and cherish what is important in our life. Our yearly tradition of sending Christmas cards, baking cookies for neighbors and friends, making old fashion decorations to hang on the tree with our kids or grandchildren. Or perhaps just sit by a fireplace enjoying the beautiful radiance of the embers while we reminisce on stories retold over the age.

There's no other holiday quite like it. It's a time for families to reunite and make time for each other in our otherwise busy life.

What we'll think back years from now, is not what you gave or received as gifts, but you'll remember baking cookies with your kids, caroling with neighbors, making homemade ornaments or just driving around enjoying Christmas lights and decorations.

Part of the joy of the season is reminiscing about what makes your family unique and we should make sure we add to the story every year.

H. Hargrove has captured the exhilaration and the delight of the holiday in his beautiful painting and his message of peace fills the sky.

Our wish to you and your family is a holiday season filled with Peace and Joy for All!


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