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Making A Wish

Spring fever fills the air. A point of restitution, both in the magnificence of nature and of our soul. The long frosty days of winter have past and the bulbs start to explode up out of the earth like a chorus of blossoms. The trees are spreading their legs while the squirrels jump from one branch, then onto the next caught up with planning for their day. The many varieties of birds singing their special songs fill the warm breeze with their unique tunes. It's a point of praising the delights ahead, a period to capture, take a minute and take a breather in the daytime. To stop for a moment and just smile. It is that sublime feeling that inspired H. Hargrove to paint his most recent work. The charm in the basic delights that surround us every day if we simply take a moment to notice.

What could be more appealing than the joy and delight of a child blowing the soft blossoms of a dandelion and " Making A Wish."

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