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Christmas in Lake George

If there is a time of year to feel nostalgic, it is at the holidays. Looking back at holidays of yesteryear makes us excited for what memories are yet to be created.

H. Hargrove has created a charming chance to experience Christmastime in years past.

Tractor rides through the snow covered hills with children's eyes filled with glee and

excitement. As if Lake George is not magical enough, at Christmas time it is even more amazing. The farm houses are all aglow with holiday lights that are even reflecting onto the glass like lake.

Moments so special like the tree lighting, making gingerbread houses, cookies to bake and bring to our neighbors, a hot cocoa and of course there is Santa! These are all traditions we pass on from generation to generation.

Christmastime brings new life to this sleepy town and grants us all a glimpse at life in early America. A sleigh ride, sharing a recital of "A Christmas Carol" in front of a warm fireplace. These special moments we share with our families and friends are priceless and the gift of love, giving, and caring will last a lifetime.

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