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Land that I Love

Farm life is busy from dawn to dusk. It is easy to simply “run” through the days without actually noticing things. A walk through the garden in the morning, enjoying the song of the birds, the sun’s rays peeking through, the coolness before the warmth of the day and the joy of watching the small changes in the garden, the birds, and even a deer or two walking across the grass in the early dawn. It is heaven.

The simple life, no electric, no computers or cell phones. Candlelight to guide you to bed, or a kerosene lamp for reading or having conversations with family and friends at the kitchen table. A small battery radio is the only window to the news.

Every morning the job of collecting eggs in a wire basket that is hanging from a beam in the kitchen, and harvesting fresh vegetables that fill a basket by the kitchen sink in preparation for the evening meal.

Today we no longer need to read by candlelight or sit by the radio to hear what is happening in the world, but those simple times should not be forgotten. And even today a morning walk in the garden, fresh eggs from the chickens, or listening to the sound of a songbird brings such pleasure and a sense of peace. Yes, you can go to the local supermarket for eggs, but there is no greater pleasure and satisfaction, then farm fresh produce from your own garden. And the smile on your face.

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