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Jingle All the Way

Excitement and anticipation fills the air. Everyone is smiling, the flurry and hustle of the holiday are all around us. There will be trees to trim, lights to string and cookies to bake. Wrapping paper and bows for those special gifts we know Aunt Millie or other dear relatives will love because we thought of them. The children begin writing their letters to Santa and remind him, they have been good. Even our pet pooch or kitty will have a stocking hung with something special for their devoted love to their family in spite of the occasional chewed sock.

When I think of Christmas and the whole holiday season it just brings a smile to my face. It's the one time of year where everyone seems happier, friendlier and just plain nice. We step back a little from our busy everyday life routines and make a little more time for friends and family. We become energized with expectations for the season and we appreciate everyone in our life and realize how lucky we are for the family and friends we have. We also think of those a little more this time of year that may not be so fortunate as ourselves and make more of an effort to make a difference in their life.

Christmas is a magical time and I never get over the excitement, the warmth and the love of the season.

I hope my painting, "Jingle All the Way" instills that joy and happiness for you and your family for this Christmas season and many Christmases to come. God bless you and your family. H. Hargrove

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