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Smiling faces, lights, excitement and the anticipation of the holiday fills the air. This is my favorite time of the year. People seem to take a little more time to stop and say hello, to share a moment with friends and neighbors and slow down a little from the daily hustle and bustle of everyday routines.

A time of the year when everyone comes together to think of others, bring a friend who maybe you haven't called on in a while, some fresh baked cookies or drop off  a gift to present to someone less fortunate than ourselves. A time of the year when everyone steps back for a second and recognizes how blessed they are for all the people in their lives.

It's also a magical time, trees, sparkling with colorful lights, wreaths decorate doorways and all the colorful gift wrap, bows and  garland. Snowman built by children and topped with a hat, a scarf and of course the excitement in their faces with the anticipation of Santa's visit on Christmas Eve.

Perhaps  just for a  second, even adults  believe in the magic of Christmas.

The Village of St. Nicholas  is that very special place,  one that may remind us of where we grew up or a place we would love to be. It's a small town filled with family, friends and neighbors connected by their love, traditions and values.

I hope this holiday season your life is filled with all that's wonderful and good and that you take a little bit of the magic and charm from The Village of St. Nicholas to be grateful now and all year through.  

The Village of St. Nicholas

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