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Could be set on the shore of a lake; or on the bank of a river; or even on a broad inlet to the ocean. It’s the very ambiguity of the painting that provides its broad appeal. On the near shore sit three small boats: one on a cradle, the other two casually beached, their mooring lines lying on the sand. The suggestion is that the owners of the latter two are nearby, perhaps enjoying a late afternoon picnic lunch, secure in the knowledge that the water poses no danger of rising and carrying their vessels away. The other boats tied to moorings lead the eye to the homes dotting the far shore, and to the gentle hills beyond. Above the hills the sky reddens as the sun, obscured by the clouds, prepares to close out the day.

Limited edition on canvas framed , certificate of authenticity and autographed by the artist.

Beached Boats

SKU: HH-6038
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