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The title makes use of a nuance in the Italian language that parallels the difference between the English "so long" and "good bye." The latter translates into Italian as "addio," which implies permanence, as in "good bye forever." "Arrivederci,"on the other hand, translates as "farewell for now," implying a promise to return.

One look at "Arrivederci Como" will certainly inspire at least a first visit to this northern Italian lake, an azure gem set amidst small family eateries and quaint shops just half an hour from bustling Milan. It has been described as “a jewel-like oasis of tranquility, a magic combination of lush Mediterranean foliage and snowy Alpine peaks.

Using an artist's license, H. Hargrove has created an image of Lake Como from his mind's eye and his heart’s longing. He sets the viewer on a cobbled street before an outdoor restaurant. The time must be between the lunch and dinner hours, as but one couple sits at a sunlit table conversing with their waiter.

Arrivederci Como

SKU: HH-4017
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