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A Merry Little Christmas

The air is buzzing with excitement once again. The pace of life seems to be slowing down slightly. People pause to have a conversation. Seeing smiles after smiles, joy, and laughter are all around

That unmistakable feeling of Christmas

There are cards to be handwritten and decorating the tree. Baking cookies together and the countless Christmas shows that we have watched a million times and can’t wait to watch again, all leading up to that special night when we prepare for Santa’s arrival.

Cookies and milk are left out, and the children rush off to bed as they await the magical delivery of gifts from Santa in his sleigh.

On Christmas Day, family comes together to visit, open gifts, share stories, and eat a wonderful holiday meal together.

The best part is spending time with the ones you love, helping a neighbor in need, and being thankful for all the special people in your life. All of us should strive to keep the Christmas feeling alive throughout the year.

A Merry Little Christmas

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