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While going to see family in Cedarburg, Wisconsin I was reminded about all the things I loved about America when I first came here 40 years ago. The beautiful countryside with the rustic weathered barns and farms. The charm of small towns with their unique shops with hand made items by talented artisans and, small eateries with hometown favorites. Strolling down the main street you see neighbors, shop owners and locals taking the time to stop and enjoy catching up. A sense of community where you want to be, and where everybody knows your name. The traditional values shared, and the way they tend to have a certain way of doing things. I'm not sure if it just feels that way, but everyone seems to be a little more polite and friendly.

They say you can’t go home again, but that’s not true. Revisiting Cedarburg reminded me of when I first fell in love with the countryside of America, it reminded me of how I loved painting images of weathered barns, farmhouses, tractors and the simpler way of life. After 40 years of creating beautiful paintings, seascapes, cityscapes and scenes from across the continent I am now back to painting rural America and loving it. Sometimes I think about my life and realize it’s kind of a throwback to an earlier time. I enjoyed and treasure the memories of the summer's I spent at my grandfather's farm in Italy, and so I feel like I have come full circle. It's like coming home.

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